Swiss Re: Become the Master of Your Time

Swiss Re: Become the Master of Your Time

This year’s winner of the Via Bona Slovakia Award in the “Family-, Gender Equality-, and Equal Opportunities-Friendly Employer” category will present their concept of complete work flexibility. Find out more on 12 November in the Old Market Hall.

“We started thinking of freedom and flexibility as something that we give to our employees in our own interest – not as a benefit,” says Nima Motazed, who leads the Bratislava offices of Swiss Re – one of the largest reinsurance companies in the world. The people at Swiss Re strongly believe that flexibility breeds creativity and performance, meaning that these principles are not mutually exclusive. “At Swiss Re, we try to think ahead. Gradually, new positions are being formed that require higher qualifications and more complex skills. Many of the positions we have opened recently require employees with such a profile. And these people need a flexible work environment. An example of flexibility at Swiss Re is the fact that we have managed to remove administrative barriers, such as a fixed working time or assigned seating in the workplace. Every morning, employees can decide where they want to sit, continues Motazed.

When it comes to working time, every employee decides when, where, and how they will work on any given day, as long as they meet the legally stipulated monthly working hours and fulfill their work goals. Of course, they always need approval from their superior. We apply one basic principle: focus on the result instead of commanding your employees how they should achieve it. This unique concept called “Own the Way You Work” or “Become the Master of Your Time” was introduced five years ago and it works amazingly.

This year, the company won the Via Bona Slovakia Award in the Family-, Gender Equality-, and Equal Opportunities-Friendly Employer category. How did they achieve this?

“This award is especially valuable to us. To a large degree, we owe it to the previously mentioned concept, which enables parents to synchronize their working day with their children, allowing them to take their children from school or kindergarten whenever they need to, or stay at home in the afternoon and work in the early evening instead. Other contributing factors definitely include the kindergarten in our building and our focus on equal opportunities. The large proportion of women working at our company naturally has an impact on their representation in managerial positions. Of course, there are no quotas. We invest a lot in supporting diversity and we were one of the first signatories of the Slovak Diversity Charter,” concludes Nima Motazed.